Earlier today I discovered a nifty little trick involving the use of the Swype keyboard to bypass a Galaxy Note 5 and posted the video showcasing the methods. Well shortly after I finished that video I tried the same trick on another device I have, and turns out that it works for it too! 

This video shows you how to use the Swype keyboard trick to bypass a Google Account FRP Lock on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow!

1) Connect the device to a wifi that you have immediate control over when it will shut off (in the video you'll see I use my phone hotspot since its a single button press)
2) Click next and proceed through Setup until you see the device say "Software Update" and at the VERY second that you notice this screen kill the wifi. If done correctly the phone will say "Couldn't connect to internet" and pass you onto the next screen.
3) Continue through setup until prompted to set up a screen lock. Choose PASSWORD, and type in a desired password. Fingerprint is not needed but I do it in the video for kicks.
4) Proceed through the next couple screens until it spits you back out at the main Setup screen and at this point reboot the phone.
5) Upon starting your device will be locked with the password you chose earlier. Tap the keyboard icon next to the password prompt and then choose Swype.
6) Tap and hold the bottom left key on your Swype keyboard (this opens up Swype settings in the background!) and then type in your password to unlock the device.
7) Tap Help, Version, Swype, in that order and then you'll see a YouTube link at the bottom. Tap that link.
8) Once YouTube opens tap the 3 dots in the top right, then choose Privacy Policy. Choose Internet. DO NOT CHOOSE CHROME OR YOU'LL HAVE TO START OVER FROM THE BEGINNING AND FACTORY RESET THE DEVICE!!!
9) Go to rootjunkysdl.com (no affiliation) and then tap on Apps, then FRP and download "Google Account Manager 6" and "FRP Bypass" apk's.
10) Scroll around on the screen so the Bookmarks icon appears at the bottom and tap on that, then tap the History tab and you'll see Downloads. Tap that.
11) Install the Google Account Manager apk first, then install the FRP Bypass app. Choose Open once FRP Bypass is done installing.
12) Tap the 3 dots in the corner, then choose Browser Sign-in.
13) Log in with a Google Account you have control of. When finished tap the back button a million times (not literally) until you're back at the first page of Setup.
14) Proceed through Setup as you would normally and you'll see Account Added. Once past this screen its going to sit and load for what seems like FOREVER..... but if you give it time it will eventually load and you'll be able to finish Setup! In the video you'll see that I got bored waiting and also sped up the video during this part because, for real, it takes a while lol.

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