ME Region extract from Apple Firmware Updates

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1 year 3 months ago #11184 by psakment
I needed an ME Region for a mac mini a1347 emc 2570.
I couldnt find a version close to the one I needed ( at ´╗┐ so I tried extracting from the Apple firmware.

Apple Firmware updates can be found here
you can extarct the pkg using
pkgutil --expand Mac2015002EFIUpdate.pkg efiupdate/
and then inside are the firmware updates

I was looking for a ME region for a Mac Mini, so I used

Opened it in UEFITool
There is a section called "MeRegionUpdateVolume" in EfiUpdateDataFileGuid
Its compressed but by opening it up to the leaf level you can access the uncompressed "Raw Section" , right click and extract body to a file.
This looks like the best match I could find for a fresh ME Region for my mac mini.

Is this a good / bad way to get a fresh ME region?

Attached is the extracted ME Region

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