Apple EFI Removal - Newbie , please help! :-)

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1 year 1 month ago #11360 by 1234s282
Hi Everyone,I am very familiar with general repair work but am completely new to all of this EFI stuff but have a MacBook Pro 2011 (A1278 EMMC 2555) which requires the removal of the EFI lock.I have read the guide on this website and had a read through the forums to give me an idea before I start and I just had a couple of questions.The EFI chip on the logic board is a MXIC 25L6406E , which I believe is officially supported by the cheap CH341A SPI Programmer floating around eBay for very little money. I have found a bundle that helpfully includes the SOIC clip to attach to the EFI chip too.
I read the excellent getting started guide specific to this programmer on the WinRaid forums which recommended using Linux & flashrom as the Windows utility has issues? I am mainly a Windows technician however I reckon I have enough experience in Linux to be able to set up Linux sufficiently & flashrom as per the guide on this site.
I do have a couple of newbie questions though:-
  • I know the red wire on the SOIC clip corresponds to Pin 1 and noticed a "notch" on the EFI chip over one of the pins - does this identify that pin as Pin 1 so I can make sure I get the SOIC clip the correct way around??? (educated guess, would be nice for someone to confirm)
  • I have downloaded a confirmed "clean" EFI for the A1278 EMC 2555 model that matches identically however I understand that I will have to add the unique serial number to it from the machine that i'm working on. I can see the "override-version" string in the file but am unsure to exactly where to start typing the 11/12 digit serial number.

    The file I am referring to says
I have noticed that "SerialNumber" is 12 digits long - So is the correct location for the serial number to be entered directly after the
part? and for an 11 digit Serial number I would just substitute the last digit for another dot ????

Again, apologies if these seem like obvious questions - We all have to start somewhere :) If I have got the correct idea i'll go ahead and order the programmer! :D

Thanks for all advice and help in advanceĀ 

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