Are Apple EFI's now ENCRYPTED or something ..?

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5 months 1 week ago #12451 by A Ronery Mouse
There were terms I could RELIABLY find -- now, none of them are present within the BIN. 

However, my Medusa
saves the ROM
verifies it
I uploaded the BIN
verified BIN on PC with medusa
Verified Medusa with A1707

Still ... NOTHING in the BIN is cognizable. ?? 

BUT, all medusa functions still work; 

A1707 (2017)  Medusa II version 2.7Medusa tasks TESTED AND WORKING: • Display lots of information from the EFI-ROM • Clear PRAM • Clear $SVS • Clear ME  • Store Mac SN to Medusa • Edit Stored SN on Medusa • Write Stored SN to Mac • Fix checksum of Fsys block • Boot Mac -- SN updated correctly...

Some I tested just to ensure they'd work ... to verify that the situation was as crazy as it feels. 

Did I miss something MASSIVE that changed in the last 6 months..? Some update that encrypted this..? 

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4 months 6 days ago #12454 by Hitiepoeh

I have a A1707 with new logic board which I have to set the SN the same as the system (bottom case).
Did you had any luck with this? If yes, could you share me the steps to do it?


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