Computer Connected to Wifi but no Internet

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How to fix the Computer connected to Wi-Fi but theinternet not working? 
Its’ really quite irritating when you find a computer or phone connected to the internet but there is no Wi-Fi. And this happens a lot while working on a computer and your device is connected to
any Wi-Fi connection. But such issues are quite common these days. And you can fix it with the help of the following methods.
Ways of fixing the Internet-connected to the Wi-Fi but not working 
Computer getting disconnected to the Internet is like the world coming to end. Without the internet, we can’t even imagine a single second. In case of any such issue, you can easily fix it with the help of some basic tips. However, if you are not able to fix the issue then you can also take the help of a computer technical support team.  Tap below for the steps.
Steps to fix the issue of the Internet not working 
1.Check the internet router or modem 
If your computer is connected to the Wi-Fi but the internet is not catching speed then first of all check the modem.
Sometimes any of the wire in the modem gets lose because of which internet
stops. Check all the cables and then restart your device.
2.Check the lights of the router 
A router that connects the Wi-Fi has different lights with which you can make out if the internet is working or not.
Hence if the connection gets slow, you can check the lights of the modem.
3.Restart your router 
If the internet connection has stopped working then you can re-start the router. Sometimes the router gets heated up
because of which the connection might get slow.
4.Troubleshoot from computer 
If your computer is disconnected to the internet then you can easily fix it by troubleshooting it. Go to the settings
of your computer and tap on the security and then troubleshoot it.
And with this, you can easily fix the internet not working. 

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