Basic Mission 6 Solution

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This is the sixth basic mission that can be found at Hack This Site . Please use this as a reference or to help you when you get stuck. This is not intended for people to just breeze on by the missions. Besides, what's the fun in that???

Scenario - Network Security Sam has encrypted his password. The encryption system is publically available and can be accessed with this form: You have recovered his encrypted password. It is: 839786gl. Decrypt the password and enter it below to advance to the next level.

We will start by opening our browsers developer tools or just inspecting the element. I love open source but I would never have used this which I am sure nobody but Sam would I guess. This isn't as simple as before and if we knew anything about encryption it shouldn't be reversible. The hash provided is very small so we can assume this algorithm is pretty dinky. Go to the encryption tool and start testing eh? I started off by typing 8 characters since the previous passwords are that length. I used aaaaaa which surprisingly returned abcdefgh. OK, so what can we tell from our first round? The password length doesn't change, right? We are again looking at a 8 character password then. Let's try again using all b's. Now wee see that whatever the first character is will never change. as when we type bbbbbbbb it returns bcdefghi. We know the first character in the password is going to be 8 then. Only 7 more characters to go. What e notice is that most of the characters in the given hash are numbers so we will need to test that out next. I just used 1234567890 and it returned 13579;=?A9. After this we can see that the characters are incremented depending on its position. For example, if the 3rd character in our string before encryption is b then we will increment it by three to produce the hashed character. So to reverse the encryption all we have to do is count back each character in the hash depending on the position to get the original password; make sense? Have at it!

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