Need flashing advise for Early 2015 MBP A1502

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2 years 10 months ago #7840 by nasser4life
Have this MacBook Pro that's iCloud locked. Paid to remove iCloud lock for $20 when that was still available but before it was done the laptop was connected to the web via Recovery for internet restore because the main partition was deleted using Disk Utility. At that time it was remotely locked and was not able to get back to recovery nor boot as the partition was deleted. The iCloud was removed via the online service but useless as this no longer boots.

Gave the MBP to someone as i thought if an OS was reinstalled to the SSD and then placed back into the locked system it would boot to OS. Said they tried but it did not work.

Bought a programmed EFI chip from eBay and soldered it on. The MBP booted to a grey screen and says the system is disabled and try again in 60 minutes.

Not sure what to do next. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Should I get what's necessary to reprogram the original chip? or can this error be fix some other way? Or should i just sell this Macbook Pro as parts?

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