2015 MBP (A1398 EMC 2909) BIOS chip replacement

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2 years 1 month ago #10216 by skahyltsohg
Hello. Major n0b about this EFI modding stuff but I have found this site in my searches, time and time again. I should probably post this in the noob forum but this seems to be a particularly useful subforum. Maybe you can help-- I pretty much just need some advice.

I bought a MacBook from Craigslist recently and I switched out the bad back cover with another very broken MacBook and a new screen. I'd like to make the serial match the back cover on the chip. The board is 820-00163 and this is a Mid-2015 Macbook Pro A1398 with EMC number 2909.

I have been searching around and it looks like the BIOS/EFI chip is in different locations depending on the logic board setup. I was hoping to buy a pomona clip and a USB adapter and just write to the chip directly but if the chip is indeed the one that I think it is, it doesn't seem like I can clip onto it very easily.

Keeping in mind that I will probably only do this once, these are my, questions:
  1. Could someone show me where exactly the chip is?
  2. Do you have any recommended way to interface with this particular chip?
  3. There are custom serialized chips available on Ebay. Do these carry any risks if I just buy one? It seems like it may be more cost effective to buy a $25 chip and just solder it on.
  4. Can I use a heatgun to remove the old chip and put a new one in with the same heatgun, considering that I don't have a microscopic soldering iron and the solder joints seem pretty dang small.

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