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To recover the old Yahoo password, you must first go to the official Yahoo login section. And after that, you must click on the Login Wizard (Do you need help?) In the Yahoo account, which will redirect you to the next section for password recovery.
If you  Forgot Yahoo Password , you only have two options to recover your account: use an alternative email address for your Yahoo email to change the password, or ask Yahoo to send a new password to your mobile phone.
However, if you have not added an alternate email address or a mobile phone number to your account before you have forgotten your Yahoo password. Your only option is to use a Password Recovery Software, which can help you recover all usernames and passwords saved in your IE, Chrome and Firefox browser.
Steps # 1: Go to the Yahoo account login page
Now go to the second steps.
Steps # 2: Click on I do not remember the password
Now, once you have entered the next section, you must click on the "I do not remember the password" option. There is also an option for you to choose even if you have forgotten the email ID. (But here we are only concerned about the recovery of the password, not the email)
Step # 3: Enter your Yahoo email ID
Now the next step is to add your valid email ID, which will take you to the next step of recovery. Here, in this step, you must provide the valid Yahoo email ID that you used during the registration process to create the Yahoo account. This step is necessary because they must confirm that you are a user of the Yahoo account.
Step # 4: Click on the password recovery options
In this section, you will get 3 options: Recovery of the mobile phone number, Alternative email address and one last secret question. Of all the 3 options, a single option answered correctly can help you provide your previous password. But if it does not respond, try simultaneously with the next option that one of them, of course, will help you recover.

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