A1465 EMC2558 EFI restored on reboot issue

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2 years 5 months ago #10288 by rupert3k
Gentlemen, hello from Australia.

I'm attempting to unlock EFI password on a A1465 EMC2558 2012 Macbook Air using Easy Flash 4.02 & Raspberry Pi 2 running latest Rasbian.
(Macronix MX25L6405)
Following the Ghostly Hacks guide I encountered no issues reading the EFI.bin, erasing, writing the clean.bin & verifying.

Problem is as soon as I reboot to test for single user mode & reset PRAM the original EFI firmware is annoyingly restored.

Power supply is 5V 2.4amp (never seen the Pi 2 draw more than 0.6amp according to a USB Power Monitor).
I've tried with & without battery and/or power supply or SSD connected.
Even after erasing & rewriting the clean.bin ten times as soon as I remove the clip and power up holding Command S it briefly displays an error saying it can't boot to single user.

As soon as the boot chime completes the original firmware is restored.

I've combed the forum but can't see anyone else with this particular problem.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, any suggestions are most welcome.

Regards rupert3k

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2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #10294 by GhostJas
Here you go. NEW BIOS for your board with No BIOS pass, ME Cleaned, same serials as your old efi-bin. ENJOY.
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