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1 year 2 weeks ago
DELL E7270 master pwd

Thank you, drgn997! Worked perfectly fine!

1 year 7 months ago
DELL E7270 master pwd

Hello drgn!
- CTRL ENT ENT tried. External keyboard not. I will try again in 1 week the Kit. Till then I leave it for a one week rest without CMOS battery/RAM/battery.
- If it is an admin/? pwd. It is prompted in a pop up window inside the BIOS settings, whI cheer configuration I am trying to change. The screen does definitely show "#XXXXXX-6FF1" S/N. May the default BIOS pwd have been changed or it is administrator locked is unclear, but it did not accept the Mpwd.
I'm tellling you details in a week and thanks again!

1 year 7 months ago
DELL E7270 master pwd

Did you do the "CTRL-ENTER-ENTER" key press after typing the master password?
Did you tried with an external USB keyboard?
Is this just a Setup/BIOS password? meaning that you can boot Windows or whatever operating system you use.

Master password works best when you just power on computer and wait for password screen, something like:
"This computer system: #xxxxxxx-6FF1, is protected by a password authentication system..."

Some computers don't accept password inside Setup/BIOS, so you just need to boot Windows operating system and install Dell CCTK (Client Configuration Tool Kit) utility (or whatever software name compatible with model), to set the System Password, once set just reboot computer and use master password as instructed.

1 year 7 months ago
DELL E7270 master pwd

Hello drgn! I have understood and tried as written. It might be the eeprom, but password was indicated not correct and was not accepted. Thank you for your effort anyway! Freddy

1 year 7 months ago
DELL E7270 master pwd

Hello, the suffix is taken from the password screen, for this Latitude E7270 is -6FF1, => 7WRZKC2-6FF1.

A0: The suffix determines the algorithm that is used to generate master password and also is used as input data (along with ServiceTag): 7WRZKC2-6FF1.
A1: Pay attention to password screen, should be there... for this model number suffix is: -6FF1.
A2: from all the passwords that are shown, use the one listed under "Dell from serial number". Type 16-character master password, press and hold down CTRL key and press ENTER key twice (CTRL-ENTER-ENTER).
A3: Won't work, computers now have a non-volatile memory (flash, eeprom...).
Note: Passwords are to be used with a QWERTY keyboard, if you have a different layout get a QWERTY usb keyboard or just correct the password accordingly.

Type master password, use guide under password. Then press and hold down CTRL key followed by ENTER key twice (CTRL-ENTER-ENTER).

DELL Service Tag: 7WRZKC2-6FF1
password (QWERTY/QWERTZ): 0wxp5ntc1mStCCrm

0 - zero ( digit )
w - whisky ( lowercase )
x - x-ray ( lowercase )
p - papa ( lowercase )
5 - 5 ( digit )
n - november ( lowercase )
t - tango ( lowercase )
c - charlie ( lowercase )
1 - 1 ( digit )
m - mike ( lowercase )
t - tango ( lowercase )
r - romeo ( lowercase )
m - mike ( lowercase )

1 year 7 months ago
DELL E7270 master pwd

Hi All, hello Ghost,

My problem is a DELL E7270 with full encryption , S/N: 7WRZKC2. offers hints for "SUFFIX" method to gain BIOS master pwd.
Q0: I'm missing the part of what the 6 suffix variations (-595B, -D35B, -2A7B, -1D3B, -1F66, -6FF1) are for?

The method is supposed to be a quick and easy way to recover BIOS passwords on laptops.
It is credited to Dogbert and Asyncritus.
It calculates MPwds, based in case of a DELL laptop on S/N number plus 6 (?) different suffixes.
I attached the first version: my S/N + suffix -595B.
Q1: How do I know it is the right suffix?
Q2: Which code offered (even in other suffixes) can be used as MPwd and exactly how?
I understand I dump (try/fail to introduce BIOS pwd) the machine > introduce the code that follows "Dell from serial number".
In case of first suffix is "lx73nha4" (see pic).
Q3: If it does not help, in hard reset how much time do capacitators need to go powerless after CMOS battery removal, if this method even works with E7270? I think it might have an eeprom, that is why I am trying the 'SUFFIX' method.

I would appreciate any help!

Regards and thanks,


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