macbook a1466 emc3178 820-00165-a

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1 year 11 months ago #10954 by james28909
hello everyone, this is my first post. just want to quickly thank everyone for the wealth of information that is on demand here. now to the problem i am having.

i have a macbook a1466 emc3178 with logic board number 829-00165-A

i am using a ch341a programmer and this adapter board. i am having trouble dumping the bios. when everything is up and running, i cannot get the ch341a software to detect the correct chip, or any chip. i cannot dump and i dare not try to write anything without a proper dump. i asked around and was told by someone on ebay about supplying power to the logic board, but i was not told where and after sending messages on ebay i am no longer able to communicate (they wont respond)

now after 1.5 months, i am here, asking for any help. i have experience in some soldering and flashing with ps3 and progskeet and e3 flasher. and i am very fluent in modifying binary files. so please if anyone can help me i would sure appreciate it and would buy you a beer or a coffee or some young blood 

if i need to provide any picture or if you need any resources from me i would be more than glad to send them. 

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