question about raspberry pi 3

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3 years 9 months ago #4307 by racimrl
hello , i'm a biginner , i want to buy SPI flasher , I see that the raspberry is the most popular flasher , my question is what a clips that i should buy with rasbperry , i want to use raspberry for read/flash the most chip ( for unlock bios or efi ) I already have the hardware for brutforce 4 digits
and now i want to know what clips and wires i must buy for working

thanks for helping

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3 years 8 months ago #4440 by therealjayvi
Hello there! Sorry for the delay in response! Very good questions you've asked :)

I noticed you labeled the title of this thread "...Raspberry Pi 3" as well that you mentioned having the hardware for bruteforce... Would it be safe for me to ascertain that you currently have a Teensy and a Raspberry Pi of some kind?

If you have a Raspberry Pi (doesn't matter which model because they'll all work, but obviously newer = better in this case) then you have one of the most versatile SPI Flasher's I've ever seen or worked with! Depending on what you are looking to unlock, whether it be Mac or Windows, is ultimately going to decide what "clips" you will want to buy. For starters though, you'll definitely want to get at least one SOIC8 clip. It looks like the one in the example below...

There are many different types of these clips but the majority of Windows devices, and most 'middle-aged' Macs, as well as many other devices will operate with an 8-pin chip so if you're looking to get into BIOS flashing/modding/unlocking you can't get by without having at least one SOIC8 clip in your toolbox. As far as if you are looking to get into Apple EFI Flashing unfortunately for the time being there aren't many tools available that haven't already been purchased by other creative minds like yourself that can unlock the newer model Macs. What you'll want to do is maybe ask around the forums for anybody that may have purchased or is willing to sell you a MacBook Air EZ Flash Tool or the EZ Flash (Competitor Edition). These look like the image in the example below...

...and they give you the power to unlock a wider range of MacBook Air and Pro models from around the 2011-2014 range. As for the 2015 models well.... You'll just have to make sure you keep checking here on GhostlyHaks for something that could help you in that category, who knows when something could be released! I hope this helps give you a decent start and I highly encourage you to check out the articles and videos that are offered here on the site to get a wide range of insight into this world you've now stepped into :) Best of luck my friend and never hesitate to ask questions!

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2 years 4 months ago #9229 by racimrl
thanks for the help , and sorry for the late , thanks again bro

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2 years 4 months ago #9231 by racimrl
tell me its necessary to buy all this adapter , cause i cant find it all , i can solder directly on the ship , its work ? , thanks to answer me

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