iRET - iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit

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4 years 1 week ago #3242 by z3r0

iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit o iRet es un conjunto de herramientas que ayudan al auditor de seguridad a llevar a cabo tareas comunes de forma automática. Dichas tareas se enfocan en análisis e ingeniería inversa de aplicaciones iOS, plataforma móvil de Apple (iPhone/iPad).

De entre las tareas que este toolkit es capaz de automatizar, tenemos:
  • Binary Analysis (basado en otool)
  • Keychain Analysis (keychain_dumper)
  • Database Analysis (sqlite3)
  • Log Viewer
  • Plist Viewer
  • Header Files
  • Create, edit, save and build theos tweaks
  • Display cached screenshots


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3 years 11 months ago #3402 by therealjayvi
Just for reference here is the Google Translate edition:

OS or IRET Reverse Engineering Toolkit is a set of tools that help the safety auditor to perform common tasks automatically . These tasks focus on analysis and reverse engineering of iOS applications, Apple mobile platform (iPhone / iPad).

Among the tasks that this toolkit is able to automate , we have:

Binary Analysis ( based on otool )
Keychain Analysis ( keychain_dumper )
Database Analysis ( sqlite3 )
log Viewer
plist Viewer
Header Files
Create, edit , save and build theos tweaks
Display cached screenshots

Although I know nothing of the site this file comes from ( ) the link will in fact download a file appropriately titled iRET, but if you remove the .zip from the URL to view the directory this file is held at the page returns a "page cannot be found" error so I question its authenticity. Also I downloaded it and tested within a sandbox on a Windows OS and "nothing happened" which is always a cause for concern. Not to discredit the validity of the OP or the file being mentioned, I just wanted to give my two cents :)
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