a1502 with corrupted efi

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11 months 2 weeks ago #11505 by aaronouthier

I have a MacBook Pro with what I believe to be a corrupt EFI. I have replaced EFI images before on a 2012 MacBook Pro and a Pomona Clip + Raspberry Pi, which seemed to have a hdd failure during an EFI update.

I believe this is the issue with a 2015 13" a1502 model. I am thinking about grabbing a efidl box, just to have one for future use. I realize that an efidl won't fix this particular problem.

I am worried about the warning about this model and needing 1.8V, instead of the usual 5v or 3.3v - I would rather not fry the customer's EEPROM chip (or anything else).

How do I know for sure what voltage is used? If I can find a 1.8v supply, then how would I patch that in to a Raspberry Pi? It is even possible?

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