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4 years 8 months ago #463 by BlkFox55
Hello was created by BlkFox55
Thank you all in advance for a warm welcome! I was researching some information regarding EFI hacks and stumbled upon this site. Great information and I like the direction the community is headed. I'm a huge technologist and I've done ethical hacking and participated in competitions which was a great experience. My team placed first and second in two state competitions in Ohio in 2011 when I was competing. I now work full time managing over 12K computers in a Mac environment with Windows as our infrastructure. I enjoy staying up to date with technology and learning new things, especially with security and hacking. Back in my CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional for noobs) courses my teacher would always say you're never 100% safe once you plug into the internet!! and I agree! I look forward to seeing this site grow and maybe I will submit to become a team member, I have been doing HTML, CSS, PHP, and other web technologies for 10 years now and I enjoy designing / maintaining websites. Thank you

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4 years 8 months ago #468 by thaGH05T
Replied by thaGH05T on topic Hello
Great to hear you are interested in joining the community! And I am glad to have anyone with a good background join the team. I saw the email and have replied to you about talking further. I hope to see more of you here on the forum.

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